Friday, May 24, 2013

Comment on one or more problems that the characters have. How do they solve them?

One of the characters' problems are that they are trying to be killed by the other tributes. They prevent this by killing others and hiding. Katniss hid in the trees and Peeta camoflauged himself in mud when he was hurt to not be killed. They also battle hunger. They hunt and pick berries, but the Careers hoarded all the food from the Cornucopia, as well. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Hunger Games

In the book I'm reading, The Hunger Games, I can't believe that most of the tributes have already died because it is so early into the games as already almost half have died. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Part-Time Indian Post 1

  1. What will Arnold do after high school? Make a prediction. (When you are done check out Sherman Alexie's bio. Many say (including Alexie) that Arnold is modeled after Alexie in many ways).
  2. What does it mean for Arnold to be a "part-time" Indian? Are you in any way a "part-time" something? If so, what might that be? And why? Who are you?
  3. Would you have left the reservation? Please Explain.

1. I predict that Arnold will go to college after high school and maybe even try out for the college basketball team. 

2. I think it means that Arnold is only a part-time Indian because he left the reservation and went to a white school. I think that I am a part-time volleyball player because I love volleyball and i grew up playing it. 

3. Yes, I would have left the reservation. I think that if I knew there was a better life for me and i could live like a white person, then I would leave. I doubt I would adjust well or even go to the highschool as soon as Arnold did, but I would leave in time. 

Post 1

This is a test post. Hi.